How do you expand your guilt?

The tail bone, or coccyx, is found in the lower part of the spine and helps support the pelvis. It is possible to injure or break the sinus bone, causing inflammation and pain. The wonder of guilt is known as the constant breast.
The tail has a triangle shape and consists of three to five semi-complex bones. In humans, it is an inefficient tail.

Many pelvic floor muscles enter the sinus bone, so wounds can also affect the area. These muscles help in defecation, running, walking and moving the legs. The pelvic floor also holds the vagina.

Specific exercises can help relieve tension in the wonder of guilt. In this article, we show that the wonder of guilt extends in a way that people can use to relieve pain.

Tailbone exercises
Wonder of guilt or sting
The wonder of guilt helps support the pelvis.
Usually, people have coccyx or severe sinus pain when they sit or when there is something pressing down on the spine.

Sitting in the wrong position, falling back, giving birth and hyperactivity can injure the bones or surrounding tissues and muscles. Sinus pain is more common in female men. In addition to relieving coccyx pain, you should reduce the treatment of inflammation and relieve muscle tension.

A recent study found that people suffering from the Alasa disease have benefited from exercises to increase movement of the thoracic spine and extend the pyramidal muscle of the pelvis and jaws in the buttocks and hips.

These exercises reduced the participants’ pain when they sat down and increased the amount of pressure they could withstand in the lower back before feeling pain.

The following exercises can help alleviate the wonder of guilt: 1. Hug one knee
This extends the piriformis muscles and the sharp muscles, which can narrow and restrict movement in the pelvis. The piriform arises from the wonder of the tail and can irritate the sciatic nerve if it is inflamed.

Gradually increasing the extension over time will allow the range to expand.

Lie on the back and extend your feet, respectively.
Bend one knee towards the chest.
Adhere to the bent knee and gently pull down the chest.
Continue for 30 seconds, then repeat on the other side.
2. Piriformis and plexus extend along the leg (needle thread)
This extends the piriformis as well as the gluteals. Seagulls can hang from the tail bone and walk or run over them to get them out.

Lying on the back.
Lift your knees to the ceiling, keeping your feet at ground level.
Bend the left leg closer to the body and rest the left ankle on the right knee.
Pass your hands around your right thigh and gently pull towards the chest for 30 seconds.
Repeat on the other side.
3. psoas stretched on knees
4. kneeling and writhing
5. Iliopsoas and stretch of gout (Pose Pose)

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