What is normal penis size?

Many scientific researchers have tried to answer the question that men and women all over the world want clear information about: What is the size of a normal penis?
We will provide you with all the scientific studies conducted on penis size so that once you have finished reading this article, you will be pleased to get the most accurate answer to the question. And may be assured of his own size or penis size of his partner.

The findings are often presented with general information about widespread concern about whether male male genitals are large enough or sexual partners will be satisfied. So what is the truth?

Because free online pornography is easily accessible and more serious marketing is promoted by companies with a larger bar with the use of dilators and extensibility, it is easy to find out the reason for the fact of length and size. It was possible to withhold male genitalia.

It may not be surprising then that researchers have consistently discovered that men have increased anxiety about their manhood.
Quick facts about average penis size
Here are some basic points about average penis size. More details and supporting information in the main article.
While 85 percent of women can be satisfied with the size and proportion of their partner’s penis, men are less self-confident.
Up to 45% of men believe they have a small penis.
In all studies, the average lenght is from 7 to 10 centimeters (2.8 to 3.9 inches).
Loose or medium circumference ranges from 9 to 10 cm (3.5 to 3.9 inches).
The average length extends between 12 and 16 cm (4.7 to 6.3 inches).
The circumference of the statue is about 12 cm (4.7 inches).
When is the size of the penis too small?
Male urinary system
The penis extends behind the testes. The measured lengths do not include this part.
Perhaps the best indicator is given on what is considered a small penis of the threshold used by doctors until you can consider penis enlargement.

The researchers, who published in the Journal of Urology, studied the penis size of 80 “physically normal” men, measuring the dimensions of the penis before and after the erection by drugs.

After finding the average sizes, conclude:

“Men under 4 centimeters [1.6 inches], or straight or erect length less than 7.5 centimeters [3 inches] should be considered candidates for penis prolongation.”

What is normal or normal penis size?
In a Urology study, the researchers found the following among a group of 80 men:

The average penis size is 8.8 cm (3.5 inches) when flaccid
The average penis size is 12.9 cm (5.1 inches) when mounting
Man in underwear with tape measure
Many studies have achieved average penis size.
The study also found that the erect penis size of the man was not associated with the size of the soft penis.

This means that men whose lengths differ from each other when they are flabby can have upright rods of the same size. There was no relationship between men’s age and penis size.

A study of how long the rod could grow, whether it was a “shower” or a “farmer”, was supported by a study of 200 Turkish men, where “the length of the softness was insignificant in determining the erection of the penis.” Length “.

Research to determine average penis size includes a study published in January 2014 that examined more than 1,600 US men, although they did not take independent physical measurements.

Instead, the study was based on men’s measures of penis size. However, reports can be considered highly reliable, since men should be given condoms to match their reported self-reported measurements, which means that any inaccuracy may result in inappropriate prophylaxis.

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