Health claims: tool pressure groups

The consumer must be protected against deceptive health claims in food. What seems commendable appears in many places as the prohibition of a broad solution, which applies to the labeling of almost all foods – whether healthy apples, no doubt, or complained in fact suspect. Data on the nutritional value of the food or its health benefits can not be issued unless there are special permits. But not all …


Health claims prohibit almost all health claims

If you buy light products, you are waiting to get a very thin line, with garlic capsules that you want to do well for the cardiovascular system and blood vessels, and they are

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microscopic organisms spread in the defense of your own body.


All these products were still classified accordingly until recently. However, with the so-called list of health claims, this is prohibited in the European Union – in most cases – or allowed only under certain circumstances.

The health claims system requires scientific evidence

The Health Claims Act entered into force on July 1, 2007, but could not be applied until January 1, 2012.

Positive list of the health claims law

A positive list on the health claims list shows what the claims for healthy foods are. Not all health data that does not appear on this list should be used. This means: Everything is forbidden. Is prohibited.

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