Colloidal silver quality standards

If a uniform generator is used and the manufacturing conditions are not modified, small particles of pure colloidal silver can be produced. It makes sense to create different numbers for ppm ranging from 10 to 50 ppm.


Colloidal silver – quality standards

Colloidal silver should be stored at approximately 15 ° C, while avoiding temperature fluctuations is more important than temperature. Keto X Factor However, the refrigerator is also not suitable if it is possible to adjust the temperature of this height because there are electric and magnetic fields inside it. In addition, colloidal silver should be stored protected from light, where it can easily become silver oxide under the influence of light.


Dark glass storage

In metal containers, the waste deposits very easily, as it is affected by electrolysis in plastic containers. Therefore, it is ideal for storing colloidal silver in bottles made of dark glass. If they contain a plastic closure, vertical storage is necessary so that the colloidal silver does not come in contact with the plastic.


Colloidal silver should not exceed 3 months

The physiological effect of colloidal silver decreases with the duration of storage, so fresh production is the most effective. Basically, the storage period of three months is harmless in terms of its effectiveness. Under optimal storage conditions, even five-month-old colloidal silver can achieve the desired results.


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