Healing music

Although we strive to maintain our health, visits to the doctor and especially to avoid hospitalization, it is not always possible for us to find a healthy lifestyle before our health deaths afflict us. Music can help us regain balance as quickly as possible. Music now plays a key role in the treatment of serious patients. Now imagine the role that music can play in our lives if we are not exposed to a serious illness!

Accelerate healing music
Many hospitals, including prestigious names such Chakra Keto Diet as the Massachusetts General Clinic and the Mayo Clinic, treat their patients simultaneously with music and medications. Music therapy is used with surprising success in patients with intensive care units, patients with cancer and patients with brain disorders. Even doctors admit that they should participate in the game more than just psychic fun while enjoying natural music.
The dance of neurons
The music begins with a complex physiological dance of neurons and blood cells in the body, and this dance is being studied intensively by several researchers. Their findings are used in more and more hospitals. Music therapy has been used for thousands of years. Now scientists have begun to understand how it works.

Dr. Claudius Conrad, a researcher and professor at the Harvard Medical School and a talented pianist, is about to publish a study on the effects of music on the sleep cycle of patients with acute diseases of the hospital. It has already been shown that it adapts to the rhythm of music by playing some slow pieces like some works of Mozart, the heart of the listener.

From musical notes to hormones
The musical sounds follow a complex path from the head to the rest of the body. The journey begins with the sound of waves moving in the air and the floor in the middle ear, where vibrations cause the eardrum and giraffes in the middle ear.

The brain transforms this mechanical energy into electrical energy and then sends these electrical impulses to the “brain” of the brain, the cerebral cortex that controls thought, perception and memory. The cerebral cortex sends impulses to the response centers of the brain, emotions, excitement, fear, joy and control of creativity.

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