5 before twelve? It’s time for intestinal rehabilitation

Health, vitality, natural beauty and good personality. Who does not want it? The key to this lies in a healthy digestive tract. Abdominal distension, constipation and chronic diarrhea are the first signs of dysfunction in digestion.

Bad bowel: many symptoms
Headache, migraine, pain, nervousness, Shakra Keto Diet irritability, insomnia and fatigue in the morning, the covering of the tongue, breathing and body odor, back and joint pain, shortness of breath and heart problems may be associated with the bad situation of the intestine.

Colon cleansing, any colon cleansing, can help here, because it has a positive effect on the whole organism.
Multiple intestinal tasks
The digestive system, especially the intestines, performs many important functions. The defense against harmful substances and pathogens occurs directly in the intestines. The gastrointestinal mucosa prevents viruses and bacteria from entering the rest of the body and inflating other organs. In addition, all important nutrients enter the bloodstream through the small intestine and from there into the cells. Here it is already clear how important colon cleansing can be.

Half chews
An important aspect is that the rehabilitation of the colon extends to the entire digestive system. Because the digestive system really starts in the mouth. The food is well insalivated when chewing the mouth, and if the digestive enzymes are enough, better, the decomposition process starts here. In the stomach, the juice of the stomach then for another decomposition, released by the kymus in small portions to the intestine. The main work of the digestion process begins now. All the components of the food are divided into building blocks. From the small intestine, nutrients pass into the body. Therefore, the intestines and, therefore, our body can use optimal foods, intestinal regeneration should especially promote the establishment of leukocytes.

Intestinal rehabilitation does not only work in the intestines
The pollutants that enter the body act to eliminate the blood and lymphatic. Almost everywhere. See and feel that they are relatively quick on the skin, in the subcutaneous tissues to the muscle cells, the nerves and the senses. Cleaning the colon with colon cleansing will be effective soon. You will feel better, be in a better mood and have a more beautiful skin.

How long does colon cleansing take?
The duration of intestinal rehabilitation depends on the degree of involvement of the intestinal flora. As a general rule, a three-month renewal is sufficient. But in some cases, the body takes longer to restore intestinal balance. However, experience has shown that the first positive changes actually occurred during the first 14 days.

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