Cadillac tax on health benefits will reach the most difficult middle class: study

Although liberal and conservative economists have denounced the exemption of the benefits of many years of health based on employment taxes as a “reactionary” fiscal subsidy in favor of the rich unjustly, and pays homage to one of the provisions of the law soft care, which imposes a huge tax on the most Tklva benefits packages (Cadillac), those who are severely affected by the new provision are middle-income families.

This is the main discovery of a new study Super Keto conducted by doctors. Steffie Woolhandler and David U. Himmelstein, professors of politics and health management at the School of Public Health of the City of New York and medical professors at the Harvard Medical School. His article was published in the International Journal of Health Services.

“Taxpayers must pay directly for medical care through medical care for all, not indirectly through tax subsidies for their insurance,” said Woolhandler. “However, the abolition of tax aids – like” Oobamacara “- without the development of” medical care for all “program in place a step back It is a pity that economists provide a cover for this tax that will come to middle-class families and harvest the rich to a large extent. ”

“Most Americans are covered by employment-based health insurance,” wrote Wallander and Helmstein in their study. “Employers and employees are exempt from this income and salary tax, an exemption that provides a tax subsidy of $ 326.2 billion in 2015.

“Over the years, criticized by economists and health policy analysts for these subsidies for two reasons, stating that they are (1) stimulate excess insurance, which led to the use of trivial attention that is necessary, and (2) that the subsidies are regressive, that is, the benefit disproportionately, including the rich. ”

They say these allegations are behind what is known as the “Cadillac Taxes Tax” issued by the Commission Against Corruption, which will impose taxes not license on 40 percent of employment plans that exceed $ 10,200 individuals or $ 27,500 for cover the family in 2018 (now converted Effective in 2020).

Because the upper limit for the cost of these plans “will be indexed to total inflation instead of inflation in health care (which is always faster), over time more and more groups of staff taxes, or by reducing benefits to avoid it. ”

The authors pointed out that the new fiscal provision has been strongly criticized by the working groups and some companies.

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