Delivery outside the hospital is increasing

Births outside the United States in hospitals increased to almost 60,000 in 2014, and continued to increase for a decade. Data from the National Center for Health Statistics indicate that out-of-hospital births increased from 0.87% of births in the United States. UU In 2004 to 1.50% in 2014, an increase of 72%. Out-of-hospital birth rates for all ethnic / racial groups increased, but more rapidly for non-Hispanic white women.

Birth rates outside hospitals variedĀ keto fire diet considerably according to the state and region of the country, with the highest rates in the northwestern Pacific and the lowest rates in the deep south.

Although the cost of outpatient deliveries is much lower than that of hospital deliveries, the high rates of self-payment for out-of-hospital costs indicate that many women find it difficult to obtain their own insurance plan (or Medicaid program). Pay for services. For 50% of births outside the hospital, women had to pay for their work and delivery, compared to only 3% for hospital births.

“Private insurance coverage and outpatient ambulatory medical coverage can significantly improve access to this option of delivery, which is now being sought by an increasing number of women,” said Dr. Marian McDorman, co-author of the analysis. BIRTH.

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