What is pertussis?

Straw fever is also known as allergic rhinitis. It occurs when the natural sensitivity causes an interaction that results in cold-like symptoms. These may include itching, dry cough and itching.
Straw fever is widespread and is evaluated by an estimated 40 to 60 million Americans.

There are two basic types of hay fever. ItĀ activated xtnd is characterized by the extension, timing and causes of symptoms.

Seasonal hay fever causes symptoms only at certain times of the year. This tends to be in the spring and fall, when the plants release fungi and mold the genital spores.

Persistent hay fever usually causes symptoms throughout the year, due to constant exposure to environmental allergies.

Short facts about cough of hay fever:
Most people are first diagnosed with hay fever in childhood.
Symptoms occur due to an abnormal response of the body or an excessive reaction to allergens.
For most people, the easiest, fastest and most effective way to treat whooping cough is to avoid exposure to allergens.
Cough due to allergies, or for other reasons?
Hay fever
Cough that lasts more than two weeks can be caused by hay fever.
If a person is not medically, they may not be able to distinguish between coughs from hay fever and other conditions, such as a cold or flu.

However, below is a list of factors that can help determine the cough of hay fever.

Common characteristics of bad hay fever include:

More than two weeks
Persistent or persistent desire to cough
Relief with the use of antihistamines or depressants
Sometimes, hay fever persists throughout the person’s exposure to allergies. For example, a person can cough only when a friend has a pet.

It may be accompanied by hay fever:

Itching or scratches in the throat
The eyes are watery
Unwarranted fatigue but never exhaustion
This cough usually does not occur with:

General pains and discomfort in the body, stiffness, discomfort or pain in the chest
Cough can present with pain, pain or stiffness if hay fever is complicated by asthma or other respiratory diseases.

What are the reasons?
Straw fever occurs when natural allergens enter the body and cause an allergic reaction.

Some people with hay fever suffer from allergies due to excessive exposure or frequent exposure to allergens. Many other people are born with sensitivities or have conditions that increase the likelihood of allergies developing.

Seasonal hay fever tends to be caused by a variety of allergens that cause persistent hay fever, although some people suffer from them.

Any foreign substance can cause an allergic response. While most people are sensitive to a single cause of allergies, others are sensitive to many and these allergens are usually related.

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