Alzheimer’s disease: “Music can make symptoms more manageable”

People with Alzheimer’s have serious problems with memory recovery, and gradual damage to their brains also means other cognitive functions. This can cause a state of anxiety and confusion in many people, but listening to music can help, as new research suggests.
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How does music stimulate the Keto Blaze┬ábrains of people with Alzheimer’s disease?
In Alzheimer’s disease, the brain is damaged gradually, leading to severe memory loss and other damaged brain functions.

This may include daily decision making, self-care and language use.

Data from the Alzheimer’s Association indicate that 5.7 million people in the United States live with this condition.

The number is expected to increase to 14 million by 2050.

This not only demands better treatments for the symptoms of the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease and causes, but also better ways to help patients face the side effects of the disease, such as anxiety.

Many Alzheimer’s patients may suffer from severe anxiety due to their confused memories and their limited ability to interact with their environment.

This is the effect that caregivers and health professionals must develop strategies to prevent or mitigate.

Scientists have become increasingly interested in a certain way to reduce anxiety related to Alzheimer’s, or even to exclude certain aspects of cognitive decline: listening to music.

Is music an ally against Alzheimer’s disease?
A study conducted last year on individuals suffering from cognitive – self-deterioration seemed a condition that can develop mostly to Alzheimer’s disease – and found that those who listened to music programs that can “improve […] ] the function of personal memory and the objective knowledge of profitability. ”

After studying the results of this study and the like, scientists at Utah Health University in Salt Lake City decided to study the effects of listening to music in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.
People suffering from dementia, “explains coauthor Dr. Jeff Anderson,” face an unknown world, causing disorientation and anxiety. ”

“We believe that music will benefit from the brain network, which still works relatively.”

The network of perception of the brain must detect any stimulus from the external environment important enough to justify the reaction of the human body. Dr. Anderson and his team were interested in seeing how music can stimulate the undamaged areas of these and other brain networks.

The results are now published online, in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Prevention.

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