5 steps to follow if you live alone with epilepsy


One in five people living with epilepsy lives alone, according to the Epilepsy Foundation. This is good news for people who want to live independently. Even if there is a risk of seizures, you can create a daily routine on your terms.

There are many steps you can take to prepare keto fit premium your loved ones for their resources. You can also adjust your living space to increase your level of safety if you have an epileptic seizure when you are alone.

Because epilepsy is a lifelong condition, changes in lifestyle can improve your overall health and reduce your vulnerability to seizures.

1. Have a convulsive response plan
The response plan for the seizures around you helps you know what to do. You can follow a model like the one provided by the Epilepsy Foundation. This helps the community of people in your life understand how your spells are. It provides important tips, such as how to position your body, and when to ask for help.

The response plan can be used in your fight by anyone who knows your place. You can take a plan with you, put it in your refrigerator or give it to your loved ones. If someone finds you during an epileptic seizure, you can use the information to provide care. This can include calling your doctor or 911.

When you complete an NSA, you should consult with your doctor. They may have additional points to include in the plan to ensure their safety better.

2. Prepare your living room
Small changes in the environment of your home can greatly reduce the risk of physical injury during a seizure. Place the filling in the sharp corners. “Resist” your space by getting rid of anything that might cause you a trip. Anti-slip mat can help.

Think about holding bars in the bathrooms to avoid falls. The use of non-slip pools with a cushion can prevent injuries due to an attack in the bathroom. Use a shower chair in the shower and take only the shower, not bathrooms.

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