Combining natural anticoagulants

Combining natural anticoagulants
Even a list of natural anticoagulants shows how well a healthy diet with adequate supplements can protect against excessive blood clotting, blood clotting and decreased blood flow.

It is mainly the flavonoids (some phytochemicals) that cause the food to remain above the normal blood fluid. Therefore, a diet that consists especially of plant foods is also a good prevention of health and the prevention of diseases when it comes to cardiovascular problems.

Then if you are

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables rich in flavonoids,
If you use high quality oils with omega-3 fatty acids,
If you have a snack every now and then with bitter chocolate,
If you season with turmeric, ginger and cinnamon,
If you improve your meals with garlic and onions,
Sometimes he drinks a nettle and
If necessary, access some dietary supplements, such as. OPC, curcumin, red wine extract or capsaicin,
Not only your blood is in the best shape. Your bowls are also protected. ketozin Deposits can not be formed and your cardiovascular system will do a great job in aging.

Our recommendation would also be to have a turmeric cookbook.

To show:
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