Herbs against the cold Against many complaints, the grass

Herbs against the cold
Against many complaints, the grass grew. Innumerable colds. Learn about the most important herbs that will help you get through the next cold faster and get stronger. Find out which herbs help in the common cold, which have anti-inflammatory effects, relieve sore throat, cure coughs and calm annoying cough. Become your expert doctor in flu infections!

For colds, the doctor is usually at a loss
The nose works, and the head hurts slowly, but certainly there is also a cough. Colds are certainly annoying and the doctor does not know any real help.

It usually describes a cocktail of analgesics, anti-inflammatories and cough blockers.

Cold symptoms indicate important mechanisms that the body begins to fight infection.

Therefore, instead of suppressing the healing process of the body, as traditional medical medicines do, you can support the body’s problems with the following infection, using very specific medicinal herbs.

Relieve cold symptoms with herbs
When pathogens or allergens enter the body, the histamine is released fromĀ slimfast keto the messenger. It leads to inflammation and typical cold mucus formation.

The local inflammatory reaction, which usually begins in the nose and sinuses, is designed to fight the invaders immediately.

However, an overdose of mucus in the respiratory tract can clog extensively, cause headaches, irritate the airways and cause coughing.

However, it is important not to suppress these interactions with medications because they are part of the healing process and help make the most of the infection. The suppression of such mechanisms will only aggravate, delay or transfer the problem to another place and time.

It is logical to support the effectiveness of a defensive response in a natural way, for example. B. Dissolving and liquefying the mucus and improving and relaxing the immune system. For this purpose, there are medicinal herbs and plants that support the immune system in different ways.

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