Nettle and basil Interestingly, even foods that are rich

Nettle and basil
Interestingly, even foods that are rich in vitamin K, like. It can also weaken nitrate and basil blood, as studies have shown. However, this green leaf was not used, but aqueous extract, so the nettle plant or basil tea.

However, vitamin K should not be considered an enemy, as some doctors do today, and specifically recommends that its patients consume healthy foods simply because they are rich in vitamin K.

Because foods rich in vitamin K are just some of the healthiest foods, z. Broccoli, cauliflower, kale, herbs and all green leafy vegetables.

At the same time, we know that eating these foods does not cause any problems when taking anticoagulants. The blood dose should only be adjusted accordingly. It is better to ingest large amounts of vitamin K daily primalis rx to avoid strong fluctuations.

Therefore, foods rich in vitamin K have more advantages than anticoagulants in insomnia. Of course, the foods listed not only provide vitamin K, but also a large amount of calcium, magnesium, chlorophyll and a very valuable phytochemical value.

Cocoa and dark chocolate
The active ingredients in natural cocoa are so strong that dark chocolate (high in cocoa and low in sugar or no sugar) is a real remedy:

Cocoa contains several concentrated flavonoids and OPCs that were reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2003 through a study in which participants received a complementary cocoa supplement or a placebo for 28 days.

At the end of the test, blood coagulation decreased markedly, indicating that cocoa is very suitable as diluted normal blood.

How to make chocolates without sugar on your own, we have explained here: chocolate made by yourself

OPC – oligomeric proanthocyanidins
Of course, OPC is not only included in cocoa. Also in grape seed extract and red wine extract there are related quantities of OPC.

OPC presents excellent characteristics of the cardiovascular system:

As a powerful antioxidant, OPC protects the walls of blood vessels from oxidative stress and free radical attack. The blood vessels remain flexible and stable in this way. There can be no harm, so there is no deposit.

In addition, chronic venous insufficiency (associated mainly with varicose veins) is one of the indicators that OPC has the greatest scientific evidence.

OPC proved to be very useful here. It relieves pain and relieves swelling, making it a good natural remedy for the entire vascular system, which improves blood flow.

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