Aluminum in aluminum dishes: Especially

Aluminum in aluminum dishes: Especially harmful for children and the elderly.
Aluminum is a metal that can accumulate in the body in the long term, especially in the lungs, the skeleton and the brain. It is considered to be the cause of many chronic diseases and must also be involved in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Fertility and unborn life, as well as bone growth in children, may be affected by unfavorable effects due to aluminum contamination. Therefore, pregnant women in particular should not increase the amount of aluminum they need by feeding them from aluminum dishes (food trays or barbecue dishes).

The population is already overloaded with aluminum anyway.
It is known that the population is already overloaded Testo Drive 365 with aluminum anyway, z. For example, by drinking water that contains aluminum and foods that absorb aluminum from the air or soil. Therefore, additional sources of aluminum should be avoided, according to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment BfR, especially if it is easy to handle as dishes made from aluminum cans.
Aluminum dishes should be avoided
For some population groups, avoiding these dishes is not as easy as for the elderly or the children who receive food from the aluminum plates in day-care centers, hospitals or day-care centers day after day. Paradoxically, these people, the elderly and children, are particularly vulnerable to metals and other toxins.

A large part of the absorbed aluminum is discarded in healthy individuals through the kidneys. But often older people and children no longer have the necessary detoxification capacity. They store more aluminum and, therefore, can be more harmful to their health.

The aluminum limit values ​​are exceeded in most people
It is likely that a large population already exceeds the Testo Drive 365 Male Enhancement allowed weekly intake of 1 milligram (mg) of aluminum per kilogram of body weight referred to by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), according to the EFSA in 2008.

It is recognized that the intake of aluminum from food products such as the previous aluminum trays will contribute little to the aluminum load of the population. However, the exceptions are aluminum dishes, which contain acidic and salty foods, because acids and salt cause the amount of dissolved aluminum to double.

EFSA also suggests that the use of food trays made of unpolished aluminum can lead to an increase in aluminum concentrations in prepared foods.

Especially harmful: aluminum containers made of uncut aluminum.
BFR has now investigated the amount of aluminum that is transported from the aluminum shells (so-called food trays) to the corresponding foods. The food trays are usually made of unpolished aluminum. Therefore, the assumption is clear that the aluminum produced by these shells in very large quantities of food can be transmitted.

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) is a scientifically independent institution in the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). Provides advice to federal and federal governments on issues of food safety, chemical safety and product safety.

Check the food of the aluminum plates
In the research project BfR “Scope of the release of metals in contact with food”, the transition of aluminum compounds from four non-conforming aluminum trays to the selected food was investigated. Use gherkin juice, apple sauce and tomato.

The food was prepared on aluminum plates using the Cook & Chill method, then kept hot for two hours. Especially in large kitchens, such as canteens or restaurants, Cook & Chill is often used. The food is filled hot, cooled quickly and stored cold and then heated again for consumption. Until the food is served, it stays warm, which can usually last up to two hours.

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