If you include natural anticoagulants in your

Of course, they will never prevent blood from clotting like anticoagulants do, but that’s good. Because nature is always what you want only regulation and healing. The blood was not so diluted as to cause internal bleeding.

If you include natural anticoagulants in your diet, this, along with a healthy lifestyle, will also help prevent vascular disease, which is why you need to weaken your blood.

How does this happen in all vascular diseases? How is the “thick blood”, Xtr14 testro so the direction of excessive blood clotting? No, only Jane Neanderthal is not responsible for it! Although it leads to greater blood clotting, but not to pathological and life-threatening thrombosis.

Causes of diseased vessels and “very thick blood”.
It may be a tendency to coagulate the disease or a tendency to congenital thrombosis, but it rarely occurs.

Instead, the reasons are found in the general way of life and diet of those affected.

Most of the time there are splinters in the veins, that is, where blood flows more slowly. However, the blood flow can accelerate, that is, if the affected person moves regularly. Therefore, exercise is one of the best ways to maintain the flow of blood and fluids. Stable or permanent activities, which may be associated with obesity, are toxic to blood flow and vascularization.

Another cause of blood clotting is the damaged walls of the blood vessels. Deposits (atherosclerosis) and blood clotting tend to form in these areas. Then the blood clot dissolves and finally hangs in narrow posterior blood vessels, or the presence of thrombosis or obstruction.

Damage to the walls of blood vessels, as well as increased blood clotting, as well as deposits, occur in particular due to the following reasons:

No exercise (also due to bed rest)
Smoking (contracting blood vessels during damage to the walls of blood vessels)
An unhealthy diet with antioxidants and lack of vital substances.
High level of amino acids
Fluctuating blood sugar (diabetes)
High blood pressure
Synthetic hormones (pills!)
Chronic inflammatory diseases like. Such as rheumatism, tumor diseases, autoimmune diseases, etc.
The drugs
While a third is already called an unhealthy diet, a large part of the other factors mentioned are often the result of an unfavorable diet and lifestyle, so many preventive measures can be taken here.

So z. High homocysteine ​​is also a result of deficiencies of vitamins and antioxidants. In addition, the metabolism of fats, blood sugar levels and blood pressure, not to mention weight, can be greatly affected and regulated by diet.

The corresponding preventive measures seem less spectacular, but they have a surprising effect:

Exercise / Sport
No smoking, no alcohol
Eat Healthy
Lack of bio-nutrients in dietary supplements.
Reduce excess weight
Natural anticoagulants are consumed in the form of foods, herbs and spices.

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