Nicotine promotes chronic inflammation.

Nicotine promotes chronic inflammation.
In June 2016, a study at the Swedish Molecular Infectious Diseases Laboratory (MIMS) at the University of Umeå in Sweden found a link between nicotine and inflammatory processes.

Nicotine – the researchers said – the very massive activation of some immune cells, called neutrophilic granular. These are the most abundant white blood cells. Circulate in the blood, constantly searching for bacteria or other alien hackers that need to be eliminated.

Its ammunition consists of the so-called Extracellular Traps  Testo Drive 365 of Neutrophils, which diverge when the enemy appears in large quantities and can render them harmless.

But since not only is it smoked or steam-milled once a month, but it is usually done daily, the NETs are not only distributed once or only for a short period of time, but permanently.

Even if the NETs are originally designed to protect the body, excessive amounts of NET can also damage the body. The continuous loading and continuous output of the organism with the products now Testo Drive 365 Male Enhancement leads to tissue damage as a result of chronic inflammation and illustrates the serious consequences of nicotine consumption for human health.

Nicotine: a participant in acute lung disease.
It has long been known that smoking and second-hand smoking lead to chronic and serious inflammatory diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a chronic lung disease that affects 10 percent of the adult western population and leads to prolonged death and painful

Now it is clear that nicotine contributes significantly to this problem: not only smoking in a dangerous way, but also fumigation with nicotine-containing liquids.

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