However, since dyed hair is not automatically

However, since dyed hair is not automatically beautiful and is often no longer healthy, you will find many tips, from areas of nutrition, supplements and physiotherapy to natural hair naturally and, above all, gray, white, black or blond Or structure: 12 beautiful tips for hair.


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Less arthritis due to the high fiber diet


Osteoporosis affects millions of people around the world. There are many easy-to-implement measures that can relieve arthritis. Proper nutrition is undoubtedly one of them. But the way this diet can be done is not always easy forĀ Max Boost Omega the average person. Of course, you should be as rich in vitamins and minerals as you can. It should not be sent with questionable components and should be handled as little as possible. Another important point is the richness of fiber, as revealed by a study from 2017.


Fiber reduces the risk of arthritis

Osteoporosis is the most common form of a variety of rheumatic diseases. In the United States alone, it is said that more than 30 million people are affected. Around the world, 10% of men and 18% of women over 60 suffer typical symptoms of arthritis: joint pain, swelling and limited mobility, usually in the knee or hip, but also in the joints of the shoulder, hands and fingers. Osteoporosis is possible.


However, empirical reports and, more often, scientific studies indicate that specific nutrition measures can reduce existing arthritis or, of course, prevent it. One of these studies was published in May 2017 in Anals of the Rheumatic Diseases. He showed that a diet rich in fiber could reduce the risk of arthritis in the knee.


A diet rich in fiber relieves many chronic diseases

Author of the study d. Zhaoli Dai, from the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston, in collaboration with his team conducted a meta-analysis to examine two long-term studies on the health benefits of a high-fiber diet.


Previous studies have shown that a diet rich in fiber can have a very positive effect on health. Reduces high blood pressure, weight, chronic inflammation and excessive levels of blood sugar.

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