Iranian researchers also found high levels

At the same time, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease decreased by 2 percent with every slight increase in vitamin B12 levels. Other factors with potential impact, such as age, sex, nicotine consumption, blood pressure, weight and education, can be excluded.

Iranian researchers also found high levels of amino acids in patients with multiple sclerosis in 2013.

At the same time, those infected had low levels of vitamin B12 and folic acid, so you should get vitamin B levels as soon as possible in this disease.

Low levels of vitamin B12 in autism and schizophrenia.
Exactly how low levels of vitamin B12 can cause neurological disorders in an article published in January 2016 in Public Library of Science One (PLOS One).

Dr. Richard Deith, professor of pharmacology at Nova South Eastern University, and an international team found that vitamin B12 levels were very low, not only in older people but also in people with schizophrenia andĀ endure stack children with autism under 10 years .

Yes, autistic children had only one third of vitamin B12 levels for healthy children.

However, B12 levels in the brain were measured here. If the mirror sinks there, it will not appear in the blood for a long time. DETH.

Large deficiencies of vitamin B12 in the brain can explain theĀ enduro stack CANADA cause of neurological and neurological neurological symptoms.

While low levels of vitamin B12 are normal in old age, low levels of vitamin B12 at a young age can affect the growth of nerves and the brain.

Anyone who suffers a greater reduction in vitamin B12 levels when they grow older than usual will lose their ability to learn and remember as they get older.

Take antioxidants and vitamin B 12.
Autism and schizophrenia are closely related to oxidative processes in the brain. Perhaps it is believed that oxidation processes are also responsible for low levels of vitamin B12.

Now is the time to examine whether taking antioxidants (such as glutathione to reduce oxidative processes) and vitamin B12 (in the form of methyl cobalamin) can be useful in these conditions.

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