Tip 5: Manage stress for hair loss.

Tip 5: Manage stress for hair loss.
It is known that stress, mental stress and mental problems have a tremendous impact on the body. This usually appears in indigestion or sleep disorders. But even hair loss can be a direct result of prolonged stress situations.

How exactly does not tense the hair, it is not yet clear. It is believed that the tension hormones are similar. For example, norepinephrine can damage the hair follicles causing inflammation there. The inflammation in turn ensures that the hair enters the resting phase earlier than planned. But at rest, the hair lasts only two or three months, then comes out.

If you suffer from hair loss and at the same time lead to a stressful life, you will be recommended to relieve tension through special relaxation techniques to enjoy rest and, therefore, give the hair a second chance of healing and increase.

Relaxation techniques include, for example, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, self-training, yoga or some breathing techniques.

All this helps maintain the necessary distance and prevents stress from appearing at the level of the body, which weakens the immune system and leads to disease or hair loss “alone”.

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