Colloidal silver can be taken in all

2. Colloidal silver (liquid) in sunburn.
Colloidal silver can be taken in all types of infections (bacteria, viruses, fungi) and often works against pathogens (including those in the tropics), which have developed resistance to antimicrobials for a long time and are difficult to control.

The colloid silver is tested again and again externally without problems in the skin, as with sunburn.

Therefore, if the cream is not ready, fill it with a bottle of vaporizers and sprinkle it on a large area in the sunburn. If the aerosols are not within reach, pour colloidal silver on a cloth, on paper towels, tissue paper or, if necessary, on toilet paper (not perfumed!) And put it on burned skin.

It allows to work as long as possible. At least 20 to 30 minutes.

Colloidal silver should be applied to the skin two or three  evolution lean keto times a day for a longer period of time.

3. Aloe vera gel for sunburn.
Aloe Vera is one of the oldest human medicinal plants, a true specialist in skin problems. In this way, it can alleviate the side effects of radiotherapy (in the treatment of traditional cancer) and, especially, damage the skin, as well as greatly accelerate the healing of damaged skin.

Since sunburn is also the result of a type of radiation therapy, a refreshing aloe vera gel is a wonderful aid to any freshly baked “red skin”.

Apply aloe vera gel several times a day on the affected skin. Refreshes the skin and relieves pain and itching.

If you do not have any of the recommended treatments, but in Mediterranean or subtropical areas, you may have a cactus or cactus ear (Opuntia) near you.

Then take a leaf of aloe or a piece of cactus leaves (gloves!), Peel, then crush the inside of the pot with a fork and draw the dough on the sunburn.

If you have a blender on hand, you can also mix it inside the paper.

With small sunburns, the amount of gel that drips from the paper when pressed is sufficient.

Keep the paper “cracked” in a shaded place and the gel mixed in the refrigerator.

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