If you do not want to have a full bath,

Bentonite path
If you do not want to have a full bath, you can only do a bath of bentonite feet. Detoxification removes the body very well on the feet, so you can use the bentonite baths described above only for the legs. Again, one should bathe the feet for at least 20-30 minutes to stimulate proper detoxification.

As you can see, the applications of pentonite are very broad. Whether during colon cleansing or as a mask, bentonite supports in any case the simplest way to eliminate toxins from the body. Probalo You will notice that you feel comfortable.

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Treat sunburn naturally
Of course you should avoid sunburn. But what do I do, when there is? What are the natural measures that lead to a rapid regeneration of the skin? And what can you do from a holistic perspective, to soothe the skin after the holidays, so you can forgive the sunburn again?

Treat sunburn naturally
If the treatment with sunscreen fails, the body’s repair system is often soaked in skin regeneration and needs support.

In contrast to many traditional creams and gels, which often bother organisms more often with their industrial components, the natural measures provide more help for the tortured skin, without overloading them at the same time.

After the holidays, you should take care of the tanned skin with the natural care program, so that it does not remind you of all the sun rays that you can enjoy.

Burning sun burns
For many people, sunburns are a holiday, like the sea and the beach, and the courtship of vacations. The slight redness may be acceptable, but if the bubbles are already formed, the pleasure stops, at least for the skin.

Burning sunburns are second-degree burns, and should not be treated as a holiday joke, but as burns.

If you observe the following three rules after a sunburn, you will return more quickly and your skin will regenerate faster.

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