Until now it has always been thought

Article 1: Do not cool too much
Until now it has always been thought that burns and sunburn should be cooled for as long as possible, moving water around the freezing point, or even better, with ice cubes.

Meanwhile, one becomes, again, wiser.

After educating people on first aid courses for decades to provide cold water treatment to burn victims, hospitals had to deal not only with the burns, but also with the low body temperature, which resulted in this type of emergency response again.

Cooling may delay healing
It has also been found that cooling is only useful if used immediately pure fast keto after combustion.

However, sunburns are usually noticed some time after burning, often after hours.

Extreme or very prolonged cooling can also reduce the body’s defenses, thus delaying wound healing and skin regeneration. The cooling water must not be cooler than 15 to 20 degrees.
Rule 2: avoid sunburn
The internal coercion of those affected to do something about sunburn is usually due to a legitimate pain or itching.

Therefore, you will find a variety of application gels and ointments that can even be equipped in order to prevent inflammation with cortisone.

Many, at the same time, release an analgesic and, despite sunburn, can return to the sun.

However, this is the worst thing you can do for burnt skin: re-sol.

Therefore, rule n. ° 2 in sunburn: avoid sunscreen or cover well from head to toe in sunny areas.

Rule # 3: Natural treatments for sunburn.
Pure oils and ointments can affect breathing based on the fat on the skin and cause heat to accumulate, it is recommended that some home remedies, such as sunburn. Also oil with flour or marigold ointment better first to keep a great distance.

Instead, the first aid kit must contain at least one of the following six treatments.

And, of course, this was not for a single package because one expects sunburn, but their demands are too many, so first aid can be controlled well and this offers a healthy solution after any emergency:

Colloidal silver cream
Colloidal Silver
Aloe vera gel
Effective microorganisms
Soda and T-shirt
MSM gel (gel with organic sulfur)
1. Silver cream with gluten for sunburn.
The colloidal silver cream contains 85% colloidal content.

This means that it works like colloidal silver and also has the advantages of cream, so it can be applied and thrown easily right there, where an anti-inflammatory, soothing and antibacterial effect of colloidal silver is needed.

Silver bandages are also found in traditional medicine, where they are used in badly healing wounds, especially in burns. Because silver accelerates both healing and regeneration of the skin.

Therefore, colloidal silver is: – cream or colloidal silver liquid – first choice of medicine for sunburn.

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