4. Microorganisms active EM 1 in sunburn.

4. Microorganisms active EM 1 in sunburn.
Useful microorganisms used in many ways, both for raising animals for skin and coat care or as an additive for drinking water, whether it is growing cabbage pickle novices or as an ingredient in bread loaf (unbelievable! ) In a garden to improve the strengthening of the soil or the plant, both In the (delicious!) Treatment of pond water or mold anti-mold in living spaces. The effective microorganisms are real among all the offers!

In addition, they nourish the skin, provide a healthy environment for the skin, thus improving the natural self-protection mechanisms of the skin.

Therefore, MS users report by hand that the skin becomes less sensitive to sunlight, if this occurs regularly with EM 1 (diluted with water 1: 20: 10-1) or washed with a spray.

On the other hand, EM 1 also helps when the time is too late and the sun burns for a long time and shines. Also in this case, spray EM 1, either pure or diluted, on the burned skin or soak it with EM 1 and apply. The pain disappears quickly and the skin heals faster.

Since MS 1, applied diluted internally and with water, exerts a highly regulating effect on intestinal microbes and, therefore, will now always be recommended as a component of colon cleansing treatment, it is useful in any case to package EM 1 in first aid for gastrointestinal complaints regardless of the type of agent. Probiotics are at hand.

5. Soda in the sunburn.
If in your Reiseapotheke soda (sodium bicarbonate) should be true light keto present, this primary powder has a calming effect on sunburn and, therefore, can be used as a first aid measure.

For this purpose, select Natronwasser before (1 teaspoon of baking soda per gallon of water), soaked in a small sunburn or sunburn shirt on the back, dkult and shoulders and put a cloth on the shirt in yes it attracts more,

6. MSM Gel for sunburn.
Our skin is composed of different layers that are fixed by a fibrous protein called collagen. Another protein, elastin, provides elasticity to the skin.

One of the basic components of these proteins is organic sulfur.

So avoid creating new healthy skin cells and enough collagen and elastin as soon as possible, and the skin will soon become smooth, soft and flexible to touch again after a sunburn, and the body depends on an adequate supply of sulfur.

MSM provides sulfur gel in conjunction with moisture. In this way, the skin absorbs easily absorbed organic sulfur and is used immediately in the formation of collagen and elastin. Therefore, the MSM gel generally prevents aging and promotes the regeneration of damaged skin.

Apply the MSM cream liberally on the skin several times a day and let it work.

MSM Gel refreshes and refreshes the skin after sunbathing. It is ideal after sun treatment and is also ideal as an after shave gel that softens and cares for sensitive skin of men.

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