Let’s take an example of cancer. Millions

Health care is quite undesirable
Let’s take an example of cancer. Millions of research funds are constantly used to find a cure for cancer. The result?

Humanity sits and does nothing but wait for this treatment. As if there was nothing else to do.

It is this vision, which is not totally involved in our health and in this aspect of traditional medicine, which depends (which still did not exist for the most part) and the tone of our current “health system” literally.

Medical care in our hands.
We donate money to organizations that, sooner or later, prepare (for decades) a cure for this or that disease.

While we continue to indulge in an unhealthy and carcinogenic diet, an unfavorable heart attack and a friendly diabetes, another kilogram is still rapidly acting and then blood pressure measurements are taken, the promising treatment is expected and, at the latest, when is detected at some point in the limit. Yes, so they have to “save” only at the end.

Health, as beautiful as it may be, can not be given to us by anyone but us, so health is the result of our actions and activities.

Health care, which is not the same.
Today, health protection from contaminated pollination, clear “pious” examinations and questionable nutritional advice (“milk is good”, group “meat is a piece of vitality”, “many useful carbohydrates” , etc.) decrease. ketozin To maintain the appearance of integrity, at least a little, also warns about nicotine, drugs and obesity.

Serious health prevention?
Because the recommended diet produces more illnesses than greetings and there are all kinds of snacks, alcohol and snacks to make grease in the corners of the streets, the success of the administrator is considered “measures” for the prevention of health within reasonable limits , that is, people get sick.

At the same time, other measures are considered exaggerated, impractical or even dangerous. However, these measures will be, in fact, compared with the previous ones, a preventive effect of diseases.

Health care for economic reasons?
But we can be lucky and the tide will change in the foreseeable future. Study 1 found that any deplorable health of the population by 2015 would reduce world economic output by up to 3% if investment in health care did not increase. The welfare of the people is, therefore, completely messy. However, when economic performance threatens to sink, the movement takes effect. Not only health insurance companies, but also companies wake up suddenly and voluntarily invest large sums in health care for their members or employees. Companies do this for one simple reason:

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