Tip 5: Loss of hair design Tips

Tip 5: Loss of hair design Tips
Do not use hair dyes, as they contain very toxic components. The darker the color chosen, and the more toxic the composition. Try the color of colors. Here the color brings bright touches to the hair without touching the color of the scalp. Or use biological inks – which would also be a good alternative to traditional pigments.
Swap your hair gel repellent to get a good design. The advantage is that the gel can be applied specifically so that they are not achieved on the scalp. When using hair spray, however, it can not prevent scalp adhesion. The film leaves the spray there to take the scalp from any ventilation and can prevent hair growth in this way.
While you recover from your hair begins to grow, you should think that it takes you for a short time. Fashion short hair history make the hair look prettier and brighter and healthier. Bob with protruding tips, for example, can seem as interesting and fast as fringey, progressive haircuts. It is best to consult a professional stylist of your choice.
To show:
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hair care for cheap hair loss

I’ll show you a short tour of one of the many supermarket stores that there are dozens of common hair care products to buy. Unfortunately, most of the ingredients in these products are toxic chemicals that destroy the hair follicles and enter the bloodstream, causing additional damage to your body. The toxic chemicals to intensify the gradual loss of hair.

Cancer through traditional care products
Include the most toxic ingredients in beauty and care products, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, and polyethylene glycol, as well as parabens (May paraben methyl). Sodium lauryl sulfate, eczema, skin, irritability, dry hair loss and inflammation of the urethra and cancer are linked.

Polyethylene glycol is believed to be an oil product to be related to cancer. Parabens are known hormone estrogen, which can lead to the dominance of estrogen symptoms and cause such as premenstrual syndrome, uterine fibroids and breast cancer.

Beautiful short term – wrinkles in the long term
Many products are advertised as “natural” or with the claim that it is made from herbal extracts. But a closer look at the list of contents reveals, in particular, that the triple poison shown above can be found in these products, in addition to mineral oils, phosphates, petroleum products, and ammonium salts and many other dangerous chemicals .

Viele dieser Chemikalien sorgen dafür, das Haut und Haar kurzfristig schöner aussehen werden … Aber die Giftbelastung, die die bedeuten Stoffe für Ihren Körper, wird eines Tages dafür sorgen, dass Ihre Organe langsam verrotten, das Ihre Haut Falten Wirft und dass ihr Haar ausfällt.

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