A blow to the heel means that

A blow to the heel means that, in addition to body weight, another 50 kg in each step criminalizes the body. In each step, 50 kilograms of weight that thunder through a series of bones and in our joints, make 5 tons in 100 steps! Dr. Gharib estimated that his 80-year-old son had invaded the heel of the heel pyramid all his life with a heel strike. To remember, the Chop pyramid is 140 meters long, with a base of 230 meters on each side and each stone made of a weight of 2.5 tons. A frustrating idea But it’s time for salvation!

Now go in yellow! This is how it works: at each step, leave the foot of the foot relaxed downward. The first comes with an external introduction of the foot, almost at the same time with the ball and then with the heels. (On Youtube you can find some videos with a detailed guide, just write “Bale Gang”).

Now close your ears again and walk across the room on the dance floor. You do not hear much. Gold blow – and with it pyramidal pyramid on your shoulders.

Bile duct against turbulence.
Therefore, the Bale Pass is an excellent way to walk for people who live in homes with several families. How many times do you annoy more than twice more than one person? How many times do you trample and annoy PaltroxT other people? Do not stomp on purpose. It’s a walking heel that automatically turns you into a camouflage animal! Once you change to the bile duct, your muscle chain begins to jump. The bile duct does not reach the bone chain, but works exclusively in the muscle chain. The walk becomes smooth, soft and silent.

Bile duct against joint problems and open discs.
Once the muscle chain is activated, the muscles work at exactly the same time. Both the outer muscles and the muscles are very close, and the movements become fluid. Although initially it is mainly spoken of a clean key. However, in the long run, common problems are better and tensions and open disks are hardly forgotten.

Not only the bones, the ligaments, the tendons, the joints and, of course, the muscles, but also the muscular areas in which you can not even think when it comes to “walking correctly”, you benefit from the use of a muscular chain. B. Blood flow.

The bile ducts treat venous disease.
It is difficult to imagine how many people treat intravenous disorders. In Germany alone, there are 21 million people. Almost half (9.5 million) is presented every three months for the doctor to be treated in the matter, an important cost factor for our health care system. If everything is now in the ball pass, these numbers can be reduced to a fraction.

Because the passage of the ball ensures the transfer of venous blood without any problem from the legs to the heart. In the legs I did not know any pumping device like the heart. There is a so-called muscle pump of the calves, which consists of pushing the blood towards the upper climates. When the heel is used, this pump works with very limited muscles (only in the outer muscles) and only in stages.

However, as described above, the bone chain jumps in the ballet channel. The muscular pump is activated in all the muscular layers (external and central muscles) and works with fluidity without interruption. The blood returns to the heart again with ease and without the slightest hesitation. Finally, varicose veins and other venous diseases have the opportunity to regenerate and heal.

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