Already with the so-called “crossing”

Yellow is innate
Already with the so-called “crossing” we are born. It is detectable in normal deliveries for six weeks. If he was born in the water, he has a crotch reflex until the sixth month. The reflection of the march can be checked as follows:

Hold the child under the armpits so that it touches the corners of the table or the floor. So he can touch the floor with the heel, but he does not. Instead, the child causes the movements to move in the bile. When we really try the first steps after months, we also start with the ball and spray during the apartment, which bothers the family a lot. Prancing works fast and I’m still not sure. The child often floats forward. So you can slow it down and say: “Go decent!” The child is “decent”, without having to explain it to him.

Children look at many adults. They emulate the enthusiasm of the people in their immediate surroundings, as if they frowned, their movements and their gestures. From the age of three, they clung completely: the heel ring. The lightness and joy of life disappeared … The health disappeared, Bale disappeared …

But how does the bullet happen?

BALA channel – practice
Basically, the bales are very simple. Because we will automatically go to the ball, if we do nothing while walking through the change. After that, the foot hangs at each step and will automatically be the first to touch theĀ elite xl ground. But the strike of the heel of the foot requires effort. In each step you have to lift the front leg to be able to put the shovel first.

Now take off your shoes and relax in the room. Now go as always, as always. Keep your ears closed. What do you listen to

With each step you listen to wummm … wummm … wummm … these are the vibrations that make the heel pass through your body. Shake all your bones and your joints to the heart. Vibrations that cause vibrations in the bones and joints, which causes long-term damage to the knees, hips and vertebrae, which the orthopedic bones will ignore and will require signs of age-related corrosion.

One of those players who have been banned from running may be saying, “Keep running, your joints will break!” But, in fact, jogging is not breaking your joints. It’s the wrong way to run. Running on the heel and starting with each step, you can expect predictable problems. But if you run on the ball, you can still run with 90 and enjoy the health of bones and joints.

The tremors of the heel are due to the fact that the heel is above the bone chain. This way of walking is difficult and carries a great capacity to damage the musculoskeletal system. The muscles do not work synchronously, but they only help maintain balance. The muscles of the bone level are no longer included in the process of walking.

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