Good weather can not continue

Within this and a few SafewithSmartfood , he will flirt regularly with zero temperatures. This automatically means that some crazy things will happen to your body.
1. You can burn more calories
Research shows that your basic metabolic rate (the amount of calories your body burns without additional effort) increases slightly in colder temperatures. This is because more work is needed to keep your body warm. But that does not mean you can set aside your diet, since the amount of calories you end up burning is negligible.

2. “Shrink your fingers”
Have you noticed that your rings look a bit more resistant on a cold winter day? You can not imagine anything, because the fingers and toes tend to swell during the summer and shrink during the winter. This is because the cold tends to restrict blood vessels, in order to keep your body warmer better. This also slightly reduces the amount of blood in your fingers, which gives you the feeling that the size is smaller.

3. You suffer from pain in the fingers and toes.
Some people suffer from a condition called Renod’s disease. This ensures that your fingers and toes become cold and cold in response to temperatures or cold stress. The disease itself is harmless, but causes minor discomfort, such as pain in the fingers and toes.

4. Do not improve your mood
Yes, the winter blues already exist. Of course, there will be less daylight with winter. This can lead to a decrease in your mood due to vitamin D deficiency. One person is already more sensitive than the other, but in severe cases it can cause a seasonal emotional disturbance, a health condition very similar to depression and associated with the winter months.

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