Any dose of omega-3 complaints

Any dose of omega-3 complaints.
Keep in mind that the following doses do not refer to the amount of oil, but to the amount of EPA / DHA in that oil or capsules. For example, a salmon oil capsule can provide a minimum of 500 mg of salmon oil, but contains only 500 mg of salmon oil containing 90 mg of EPA and 60 mg of DHA.

On the other hand, high-dose products may contain approximately 180 mg of EPA and 140 mg of DHA per 500 mg of fish oil.

Of course, you can use fish oil or krill oil, which is the most compatible. The vegetation (algae oil) is not less effective, and if you choose the correct preparation, like high doses.

For example, omgega-3 capsules contain 300 mg of EPA and 500 mg of DHA per daily dose (capsule) for a total of 800 mg of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids.

So the seaweed oil contains norsin in more than 1800 grams of omega 3 long chain fatty acids per daily dose (5 ml).

Most of the doses below come from clinical trials. It is known that very high doses are always used in studies, so it can be assumed that even lower doses can have positive effects.

5,000 mg of EPA / DHA per day (more than 6 months) showed a significant  Retro Vigor  improvement in macular degeneration in all study participants. Prostate cancer also improves significantly in this dose.
3,600 mg of EPA / DHA per day were able to relieve inflamed muscles when taken a week before training.
3,000 mg of EPA / DHA per day reduced activity in systemic lupus erythema in some studies.
3,000 mg of EPA / DHA is also applied to rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis) as a daily daily dose to achieve therapeutic results.
2,500 mg of EPA / DHA per day (more than 4 months) in the studies showed a marked reduction in chronic inflammation. The same dose was treated for several months of normal pain (pelvic cramps during menstruation) and anxiety.
1,000 mg of EPA / DHA seems to be beneficial in asthma if you take omega-3 for at least a year.
800 to 1000 mg of EPA / DHA should be used for heart problems, such as coronary heart disease and heart failure.
700-1700 mg of EPA / DHA demonstrated – permanently occupied – with depression is useful.
650 mg of omega-3 fatty acids should be taken during pregnancy, which should be at least 300 mg of DHA.
500 to 800 mg of EPA / DHA can be anti-inflammatory in inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis).
300 mg of EPA / DHA can provide relief for premenstrual premenstrual syndrome.
220 mg of EPA / DHA per day for more than half a year with 1500 mg of arthritis relief with glucosamine in one study.
150 to 600 mg of EPA daily can improve symptoms in children with ADHD.
If you want to eat omega-3 fatty acids with diabetes, then always in combination with vitamin E and other antioxidants (such as astaxanthin, OPC, Arunia juice, cistus tea, etc.). Because omega-3 fatty acids can adversely affect glucose tolerance if taken in high doses and at the same time very few antioxidants.

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