Infertility, an unregulated treatment

Infertility, an unregulated treatment that has not been tested.
No study has evaluated the interest of this manual therapy developed in the 1960s in France.

Aetiopathy, a manual therapy that is growing in France, is beneficial and safe? It is impossible to say, the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm), which has just published a report on the issue. In recent years, the Institute has evaluated all types of alternative therapies (otorhinolaryngology, chiropractic, fasting, DOH …), according to published scientific studies. With regard to ethnology, a Franco-French practice, Enserm researchers have encountered an important obstacle: no solid study has been carried out so far.

“The absence of studies and the lack of scientific evidence do not confirm or confirm the interest in the use of at least one of its indicators.” However, the list of diseases that researchers say is long, extends beyond the problems Rapid Tone of bone articulation. On its website, the French Institute of Ethiopathy (IFE) refers to the etiopathy that treats joint pain, sprains, headaches, sinusitis, ear infections, asthma, but also inflammation of the bladder, insomnia or infertility ( !).

Out of control exercise
The accusations go forward Although there is no scientific basis, “clearly vulnerable to deceiving both students and users,” according to a report of the ministerial mission of surveillance and fight against sectarian abuses (MIVILUDES) published in 2010. In addition, some manipulations are amazing Etiopaths can be used, for example, vaginal and / or rectal taps. Prohibited procedures for orthopedic and chiropractic scientists, who are not recognized as health professionals, but whose practices are codified by law.

The Ethiopian was invented in the 1960s in France by Christian Terraniel, inspired by the traditions of the bones. Over the decades, this practice has been uncommon: in 2017, the National Drug Registry consisted of 531. Four Rapid Tone Australia private schools offer six-year training, at a total cost of approximately 30,000 euros. Institutions that, according to the Interm report, “are ostensibly far from an evaluation research approach”. So the experts ask the eitopathy to “ask”. “It’s in the interest of the patients who use it, it’s about their legitimacy,” they say.

What are the risks?
In addition, “on the official website of Ethobi, this training is provided under the cover of a real scientific medical course, on nature to sabotage students or future students,” criticized the newspaper Miviludes in 2010. Training that is not regulated by law or recognized by the state. As for the Ethiopian profession, it is not recognized as a health career. Therefore, the use of this title is not subject to any condition or control.

Therefore, INSerm experts ask for vigilance, noting that if the benefits are uncertain, the risks themselves are real. Among the side effects reported by the French Institute of Atopiopathy, there is pain, temporary increase in pain, drowsiness or mild dizziness. Exceptionally, neurological complications (cerebrovascular accident) related to cervical dislocation may occur. But the lack of study does not reveal the frequency of these adverse effects.

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