An alternative to aluminum foil

An alternative to aluminum foil
For example, banana leaves are a good alternative to aluminum foil because they pack all kinds of food and cook it in a healthy way.

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Dishes can be harmful aluminum

Aluminum in many food containers, and research. B. In popular aluminum dishes or in well-known aluminum foil. With pleasure that is totally harmless. Beyond that, because aluminum leaves aluminum containers overnight lean keto and goes to food – especially if it’s acidic or salty. The quantities consumed of aluminum in this way is not exactly as reported by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment at the end of May 2017.

Aluminum in aluminum dishes: especially harmful for children and the elderly
Aluminum is a metal that accumulates in the body in the long term, especially in the lung and skeletal and brain. It is considered to be involved in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Fertility can be affected by life being born, as well as bone growth in children due to the unfavorable effects of aluminum contamination. Therefore, pregnant women should, in particular, not increase Tnolhn by Ataamhn from aluminum dishes (food trays or barbecue utensils).

Population already ballasted by aluminized anyway
It is known that the population is already loaded aluminized anyway, z. For example, for the consumption of water that contains aluminum and food that absorbs aluminum in the air or soil. Therefore, additional sources of aluminum should be avoided – according to the Federal Institute of Risk Assessment BfR – especially if Kotabaq is easy to handle made of aluminum cans.
Avoid aluminum dishes
In nursing homes, hospitals or day centers, day after day. It is ironic that these people – the elderly and children – at risk of exposure to metals and other toxins.

In a healthy part of the kidney. But especially the elderly and children do not have the ability to eliminate needed toxins anymore. They store more and more.

The limit of aluminum values ​​exceeds in most people
acceptable weekly intake (TWI) of 1 milligram (mg) of aluminum per kilogram of body weight, which referred to it by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is likely to have already exceeded by a large proportion of the population, of 2008 from the AESA Deng Accor.

It is true, eat aluminum food products: aluminum trays such as the one mentioned above contribute only on a small scale to load the aluminum of the population. However, the exception of up to aluminum containers, which contain acidic and salty foods, dissolved amounts of aluminum to proliferate.

Therefore, the EFSA also indicates that the use of food trays made of polished aluminum can lead to an increase in the concentrations of aluminum meals of prepared food.

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