Only a healthy diet can keep the brain small

Only a healthy diet can keep the brain small
Of course, more research is needed in this area to demonstrate that the results are replicable at any time. However, the researchers point out that it is important to remember how important nutrition is to maintain a healthy and capable brain, as we constantly report. For example: an unhealthy diet leads to brain shrinkage

The Rejeskis study was published on November 9, 2016 in Journals of Gerontology: Medical Sciences. This is the first experiment in the sport of beet and juice, in which the combined effect of these two neuronal network operators in the motor cortex (an area in the brain where voluntary movements are controlled) has been studied.

Six weeks of beet juice and exercise were enough to replenish the brain.
The study included 26 men and women over 55 years of age. They did not exercise, Trialix had high blood pressure and did not take more than two medications to control their blood pressure.

For six weeks, half of the participants should now take beet juice supplements three times a week (pour 560 mg of nitrate dose) to be one of each moderately intensive study after a 50 minute walk in a vicious circle . The other half also completed a vicious circle, but received a dietary supplement.

Beet juice provides oxygen to the brain
Beets naturally contain relatively high levels of nitrates. Nitrates in the body are converted to nitric oxide (NO): this NO promotes precise blood circulation, expands blood vessels and has appeared in many studies as a performance and improvement for athletes of all age groups.

Nitric oxide is a really powerful molecule. It seems that they migrate to those¬†trialix Canada parts of the body that are deficient in oxygen or that need a lot of oxygen, such as oxygen. For example, the brain, “says Rejeski.
Combine the beet juice with exercise
During exercise, the motor cortex in your brain evaluates the signals coming from your body. Sport strengthens the motor cortex. Combined now, but still with beet juice in their physical activity, the brain is supplied with more oxygen, an excellent prerequisite for promoting the motor cortex is much better than just sport alone.

The red sports beet also showed that the neuronal plasticity and the ability of the brain to improve continuously and its functions increased significantly compared to the group that only practiced sports. It seems to be so good that the performance of the brain can easily be compared to the performance of young people.

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