Contaminants in the packaging.


More and more people are eating food in terms of nutritional and agricultural value under the microscope. The packaging is rarely questioned. This can be a serious risk. Because thousands of pollutants can migrate from Tevida plastic or cardboard directly to food. At the same time, the food contains hundreds of times the remaining chemical packaging material on the products for the protection of plants, of course, not without health consequences. But there are also ways to protect yourself from toxins.


100,000 items become food

In 2013, only in Germany fell more than 17 million tons of Tevida CANADA garbage. Among the companies with the best performance are paper, cardboard and cardboard containers (7.3 million tons) and plastic containers (2.8 million tons).


If you buy at the supermarket, you almost can not avoid the packaging. Whether it is rice, salad, yogurt or bread: about 90 percent of the food should be made only when it is full. It can not be denied that the package protects food sensitive to light, oxygen, moisture and / or microorganisms.










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