talcum powder

talcum powder
A relatively well-known ingredient in facial and body powders, but also used in contraceptives such as condoms. Talc is carcinogenic. Studies have shown that the substance can cause ovarian cancer when it is applied to the genital area, especially because talcum, an inorganic magnesium silicate compound, can irritate the cells surrounding the ovary. In addition, talc is often contaminated with fibers similar to asbestos, a substance that has been shown to promote the formation of tumors.

Talc is a metal that is extracted, crushed, dried and then ground to remove a series of metal traces. However, this process does not release small fibers that are very similar to asbestos. Therefore, talc is associated with high risk asbestos. Scientists have closely studied this dangerous similarity of talc particles. It is so large that in 1973 the Food and Drug Administration Prache cream drafted a law that limits the amount of fibers similar to asbestos in talc. But this has not come into force, and the aesthetic loopholes are not subject to any legal regulation. This inaction also ignores a study conducted in 1993, since talc, even without these asbestos-like fibers, caused tumors to grow in experimental animals. Talc is clearly a substance free of carcinogens. By the way, the substance can also accumulate in our lungs, where it can cause respiratory disorders and possibly even lung cancer.

Sodium lauryl sulfate
SLS is included in the shampoo, hair conditioner, toothpaste and any body cleansing solution. It is a powerful and powerful cleanser and is also used to degrease. Under these circumstances, imagine what you can do for your body. SLS can cause eye irritation, including permanent eye damage, especially in children, skin rash, hair loss, loss of mouth and ulcers in the mouth. In combination with other ingredients, it can also form a carcinogenic nitrosamine. Penetrates easily into the skin and can be deposited in the heart, lungs, liver and / or brain.

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