“Our warning is that while

“Our warning is that while we focus on fast food and campaigns to promote healthy eating, all positive and necessary, we overlook important factors such as the large amount of food we eat, which also has a great impact on obesity global, “said Sween.


Swain explained that the swollen parts also have an impact on the so-called compensation mechanism.

“When non-Nubians have a big meal in the middle of the day, they generally feel less hungry at night and eat less at dinner, for example,” he said. “However, it seems that obese people do not have this perception, as found in many studies conducted by the research group at Tufts University, so the organization in terms of eating less at the next meal does not occur in people who suffer from obesity.

Another problem with obesity is the body’s resistance to weight loss.

“There are a lot of diets (low in carbohydrates, high in protein, low in fat, etc.), but the best vexgen keto ones to lose weight: nobody really knows what matters in the long term is the total energy content in terms of calories .

The quality of the food is also important, of course. Eating low quality carbohydrates, such as saturated fats or large amounts of sugar, contributes to the diseases associated with excessive intake of these products. Swain said that weight gain was related to a higher calorie intake.

Drug offers promise to treat osteoarthritis caused by diet

Scientists in Queensland have discovered that a drug derived from omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the inflammation of arthritis caused by a high-fat diet.

The study, published in the journal Nature Reports, was one of the first to investigate the study of Devin D1 (RvD1), which reported on anti-inflammatory properties, as a possible treatment for osteoarthritis associated with diet, which affects the knees and knees. hips Other joints in the body cause pain, stiffness and, sometimes, severe disability.

Dr. Indira Prasadam, co-author of the study, from the Health and Health Institute of the University of Queensland, co-sponsored the research conducted by Dr. Antonia Rogia Sun as part of her PhD at the University of Queensland, with Professor Ross Crawford and Yin Xiao as assistant supervisors.

Dr. Prasadam said the work was based on previous research conducted by the University of Queensland, which identified the relationship between osteoporosis and a diet high in fat and high in carbohydrates.

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